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Green Painter, southern Cali

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Hello to everyone, I am from southern California. I am currently a green painting contractor. Just wonderig how others feel about the whole green thing.
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I was a VP for a large painting contractor, I've had 5 supervisors, 15 foremen and a total of 200 hundred guys under me. I have dealt with most of southern California paint vendors. I've painted thousands of houses, I've come across a multiple of paint failures and application failures. Since how I basically was running the company. I decided to get my painting contractor lic. and wanted to go a different direction than what I've been doing for so long. So I thought lets go green, since how at least in California I am predicting all products will be going green in the next year or two to come. Any one want to take bets on it? so id thought id get a jump on it.
I use a green seal standard or less Vista Paints has a line of earth coat that is great.
sorry stayed up to late,
So lets discuss. What is a green painter to you. Is it just a marketing thing? Are people really concerned about the environment? I know when i bid a job most people can give a rip due to pricing.
Its not that people don't care, in general people do care until you give them a price. Like hybrid cars for example, you think these cars would be flying off the lots. Why not? Because of price, price, price. Does it cost the car manufacture that much more to produce these cars? I don't think so. Green paint is the same deal, I see some vendor marketing these product up 20 to 30% higher. Does it cost that much more to make? No! In fact the cost for them to produce this product is less than 1% more than the standard coatings, maybe in some cases cheaper. Does that mean people don't care, of coarse not they just don't want to get raped in the name of the environment.

All that to get to here. I am able to to get a quality green seal product for the same cost as my standard coatings. So you ask how do I sell my green products, PRICE, PRICE, PRICE. And these coatings are better than standard coatings.
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I'm not trying to jump on a ban wagon. Whether you are aware of it or not your coatings your using now are changing every year due to the EPA. California for example, it is illegal to produce any more oil base paint in the golden state, do you not think all the other states will follow. I estimate the products we have today will be under not a leeds green but an extreme green within two years for Ca and three years for other states to follow. So whether you believe it or not we all are going green. Just ask your knowledgeable paint rep. They get informed of the changes in our product, so they can keep a close eye on any failures that may occur. They don't tell the consumer so we don't get worried. Am I concerned about the environment you bet I am, why can't we do something about it by changing our products we use. They are available to us. Our environment is a natural living thing. Just like our body's, when we eat all this crap with chemicals we get sick and blame it on our family line. You have the power to change your body by putting what was meant in your body. The same goes with our world it rejects chemical and gets sick. Why can't we put in our environment what it accepts? Would you put water in your car instead of gasoline? Of course you wouldn't because it will get sick and die. We don't think of the environment this way, rather if we are comfortable or not. We can not be afraid of change. If you call this jumping on a ban wagon I guess I am then and I don't mind taking a hit for it.
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Boy, it was nice reading this again. I have to thank VP for reminding me. Those day I was reaching out.
Funny how we can have all these smart (we think smart) ideas. and you go in a completely different direction than intended. When I started this thread It was my 1st thread and I had just got my website launched. I was just simply looking for hits on my website, because I was listening to leo laport, his recommendation was too join a forum, add it too your sig. Now I have grown in my business, it has matured on it's own with hard work and sacrifice.
I have too say, thank you PT and the active members, it been a great ride :thumbsup:
was that a goodbye speech? hmm

:lol: if you only knew how many times i tried to close the doors to this place. I didn't know what I was getting myself into it. I wish I could not think of the forums anymore. Hopefully one day I could conquer the addiction.
Man, I'd rent you anytime man. :lol:
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