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Green Paints

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I have a customer building a house on the beach who is researching antimicrobial paints. They would like to incorporate this into the project. Any suggestions on what you would consider to be the best and or easily accessed here in the tampa bay area
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OK, THIS is getting interesting now...

Since they've found critters thriving in deep undersea volcanic vents, and other virus alive in the chlorine used to sterilize petri dishes in labs,

I'd like to hear more about anti-microbial paint.

I'm sure something is better for hospitals and surgical rooms.
Never done that sort of work, myself.
But it sounds interesting.

The animal people are really something, aren't they?

We bagged a cathouse prior to prep and paint, did a nice job, and got cat hair on the brand new paintwork when we pulled up our masking *#&@!
HUGE 18" long clumps hanging down off the fan blades when we dropped the bag #*&@! *#&@!

Oh well.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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