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Green Paints

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I have a customer building a house on the beach who is researching antimicrobial paints. They would like to incorporate this into the project. Any suggestions on what you would consider to be the best and or easily accessed here in the tampa bay area
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Is there really anything that is truely "GREEN"? Here is what I mean by this question...

To be 100% green both the product itself and the way it is produced has to be green! We all know that certain parts of the paints such as the pigments have to be mined which takes equipment that produced pollutents into the atmosphere which in my mind would make it not green.

Now the product may be 0 VOC but in order to make it was not. Is that product still green? This question is kinda like talking politics.

Personally I use in my business Faux Effects Setcoat which has been approved for use in CA since 1995 as a near 0 VOC product which actually smells good and goes on much smoother than any paint I have ever used.

GREEN is just a term that is too widley used and easily misunderstood. Most people that request it are trying to be responsible using a product that is good for the envirorment "or is it"???:no: :yes: That question will be better answered in about 5 mores years!!!

Do you have a dealer in the Tampa/Orlando area? I will try it even though I am really set on SetCoat which is both non toxic and now 0 VOC. What is the cost per gallon? I pay $58 per gallon for Setcoat:eek:
Look unless you are Amish you are not doing it green. That does not make any of these companies trying to be bad. Green is the newest trend in what I call "Trend Scams". Companies wanting to jump on board to the "GREEN TRAIN" brag there products up as green and then have them promoted by companies that they pay to say that it is green per todays standards. Lets be real, we are not going to go back to the days of old where we rode horses and mined, trapped and had the pony express. Personally I love my Escalade but I drive a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire to work as every little bit helps. IMO where we should start is tougher emmision restrictions and pull people driving the cars, trucks and SUVs off the road that do not meet the guidlines. CA should not be one of the only states with these tough restrictions.
Back on the GREEN TRAIN, while there are better products out there that meet guidlines I think that the product should loose LEEDS points for the manufacturing and transportation. While distributorship makes it easier to get no matter if you buy 1 gallon of a product or 500 at some point a truck had to be started and ran down the road whether it is UPS or Conway transport. The real problem to me is 2 things: 1. Dont start a green product FAD when they have no plan on how to prove it is green. 2. Just because it is the newest FAD dont upcharge it to the point that no one can afford it. Pro Classic cost $29.99 a gallon which SW new Green paint is $40+ gallon. I have used them both and let me say my customers have no clue! They just use my direct honesty to determine what I am using.

Here is a green product:

Tomato seed - planted in your yard
No use of pestisides
Water - Recycled rain water.
Once ripe, walk to the plant, pick it and walk it back in the house and clean it with filtered rain water and eat it!

Then again where did the seed come from? See now we start all back over again!!! LOL:blink:
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George Z,

Wasnt slamming Mystic, just making a point. I try to be green and responsible in my business. My point was nothing is really 100% green due what it takes to make it. Is it better? YES

I was just poking fun at the word GREEN, not trying to slam anyone or anything. Look at the end of my post (LOL). The standards of today will change in the next 5 years for the better however I just hope that it is not too late.
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