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If you reference an article from another site, please do not post the entire article within your post. Simply quote a small segment of it, along with a link to the source.

Use our quote function to help make it clear that the words are not yours.

Example: A quoted section would look like the following.

"The difference between a handyman and a licensed contractor isn’t about who can do a better job – it is about who can handle more of the responsibilities each job entails. Some of the best cabinetmakers in the country have never had a license, but in most states you’ll need a contractor’s license if you want to build the kitchen that will hold those cabinets." Why Carry Liability Insurance?
We should NOT share pictures from another site without permission to do so.

Please do not just post a link or article without adding your own thoughts regarding the information you are sharing.

This is an FAQ tutorial thread. If you have additional questions or need help with this topic, please start a new thread in our Site Help and Suggestions section.
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