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Hammerite (dtr)

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I know that this has been talked about before but not in great detail, so please don't direct me to archives because i have already been there...I am wondering if this product is voc compliant in NY, I was reading that the primer is 100% acrylic and not sure if the top-coat is too!!! I have 7 fire escapes that are complete rust and i need a product that will go DTR(minus any flaking or chipping)!! The owner has several rental properties and does not want a masterpiece!! The only product that i heard of was this and considering what the HO wants this would be my best option, i think?? If anyone has experience with this product or something similar please could you please help??
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I was just overcome my the amount of responses i have received, and just wanted to say THANYOU to all that have helped me!! I just came back from the Home Depot and they were just as much help as you guys, thought i might see TIM there so he could shed some light on this problem, but he was too busy mixing paint and couldn't talk!!!
Sometimes I post something that I think will create a lot of interest and it falls like a lead balloon, or as timhag might say, a Led Zepplin. When that happens I might be disappointed as I was looking forward to learning something, getting some input, or just a good conversation.

But what interests me doesn't always interest others. What I think is a good topic others might find boring or even stupid. Oh well. I don't take it personally, and you shouldn't either. Sometimes others just don't have anything to say on the topic.

For example, I have no experience with DTR. And apparently that is true of the others who have posted. We could offer some BS that will do no good to anyone. Or we can remain silent and wait for those who have something of value to say to do so.

Brian Phillips
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