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Hammerite (dtr)

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I know that this has been talked about before but not in great detail, so please don't direct me to archives because i have already been there...I am wondering if this product is voc compliant in NY, I was reading that the primer is 100% acrylic and not sure if the top-coat is too!!! I have 7 fire escapes that are complete rust and i need a product that will go DTR(minus any flaking or chipping)!! The owner has several rental properties and does not want a masterpiece!! The only product that i heard of was this and considering what the HO wants this would be my best option, i think?? If anyone has experience with this product or something similar please could you please help??
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I wish I could jump in and help you on this one, but, like you, I am watching to see if anyone comes in with some answers. I have some rusty steel outdoor racks on the back of my shop that I want to do a dtr on as well.
Congratulations to Tim for recently receiving his Home Depot Certified Ralph Lauren Suede Finish Pro card.
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