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Have you used a Labor Service?

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I own and operate a small painting business with one partner and we do all the work. I am considering the use of a labor service to gain helpers as we pursue the possibility of expanding this year. I am limited in my knowledge of this type of hiring. Our budget is limited and the headache of WC and payroll ect... isn't something I am willing to deal with this year. I know... you get what you pay for.

Labor services Pro's & Con's: (add to the list, PLEASE!)

No need for WC
No need for payroll except for what we use for ourselves.
No need to dispute Unemployment Insurance claims.

The skills are limited
Lack of commitment
Lack of quality in many area's.

I have just recently talked with a few small business owners that have had some good things to say in this process to eliminate the employee headaches and gain some good helpers.

Has anyone here done this and what has been your experience?

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Why isn't it an option where you are? Temp Agencies work to fill positions that you the customer define. Your criteria being met is their gauge for success.

Im not slickshift but I would not hire anyone from a temp agency..........bottom of the barrel in my area, better off hiring from the local barroom...:eek: or straight from mexico............

We go to local VA hospitals, VA job centers and give vets looking for temp or full time work......also post help wanted in local paint stores etc....
As a contractor - I find it near impossible to balance the requirements of homeowners for 'reasonable' rates on one end - and then being 'socially' responsible for a worker's Unemployment and comp - and the fact that I inheritantly work in a seasonal industry, and not just the seasons - but the fickle spending habits of homeowners tied in with lopey economies. I wish there was a way out - and I know classifying workers as 'subs' is tricky at best - the criteria uncle Sam gives to me, flat out guarantees everyone is an employee, unless they have a fully fledged company of their own.

More than anything the employment laws to me are more engineered towards larger corporate giants rather than a small painting contractor outfit. I can darn near guarantee I will not have work for 90% of my employees for at least 4 months of the year - why is this my fault?
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