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Hello, first timer here, couple, three questions

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I am painting a new back porch ceiling. It is paperless drywall, ext. grade. I primed it with first start primer. The drywall finishing was average, we noticed the mud joints were really shining thru the primer. We discussed
using flat paint but the H/O wanted at least a little sheen. The soffits and
fascia`s were painted with The Finish by Cabot. We decided to use this on the ceiling as well. It is low luster. The mud joints and screws flashed like crazy on the first coat. Looked a little better when it dried. Anybody have any experience with this? Paperless drywall? I can always repaint with flat,
but would like to please the h/o. It is Carolina Blue color. Go Heels.

Has anyone used SW`s alkyd solid color stain on Myratex (cement board)?
My next job, H/O is wanting paint specs, concerned about repainting trim in future. House is very tall on two sides (40 plus on back) and I need some
recomendations on coatings. I recommend Cabot ProVT, over woodscapes, or maybe the finish. not sure. 3000 sq. feet of trim on this beauty. Eyebrows in the front, and 20 steps in the back to the first floor. We are in the mountains here in Candler. Thanks a lot.
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welcome to the forum!

is Candler in one of the Carolina's?

I have yet to work with the paperless drywall. I love and have used tons of ProVT and I love anything SW makes.
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