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Hello my esteemed colleagues,

I am a painting contractor from Chicago. Started out in 1996, right after moving into the US from Belarus, painting my way through college (actually to pay for it because my parents couldn't) and never quit.
Always tried to work for our North Shore clientele, which are upper middle-class and what they call rich families. I like doing things by the book so I simply cannot compete on price and then try to cut corners.
This approach worked because clients who know and appreciate quality work find me inexpensive, and I don't really care about working for those who don't.
Right now I own a painting contractor and decorator company called Essex Painting (the name came from a street name in the village of Kenilworth where we did a Victorian house restoration, it is also a county in England). I'm also trying to expand into other fields like deck construction (looove decks, they are like erector sets I used to play with as a child). I guess it's hereditary because my dad was a construction engineer.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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