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Hello from Fargo, ND!!!

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Hello everyone!
I live in Fargo, and work at a busy ACE-hardware, that also has a large Interior-Decorating presence. Our 3 paint lines are ACE-Royal, Ralph-Lauren, & the "Uber-paint", C2.
Just got in 2600 gallons of ACE in Nov. Anyone care to help me re-stack it?!?!?:whistling2: ?!?!?...anyone....?!
We run 3 computer-tinters here...1 is the REAL-expensive C2 tinter. Same tinter that BM's Aura requires I believe...a COROB.

Be see'n ya around!
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My bloods' PURPLE Baby!
Hmmmm...maybe a Vikes/Steelers Super-Bowl?!??!?
That'd be cool, from an "Old School" viewpoint!

No offense meant! If that were to happen, you would bleed purple.:thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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