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Hello from Michigan

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Hello everyone,

My name is Mike, I am a carryover from ContractorTalk. I recognize a few of you here from CT, nice to see you, and hello to everyone else.

I really enjoy CT, learned a lot, have a lot of fun, and will do so here too. I have been reading many of the posts, and there is a wealth of info here just like CT.

:notworthy: Kudos to Nathan for such a teriffic job on all the forums!!:notworthy:

Things are s-l-o-w for many here in Michigan, have been for the last couple years. Thankfully I have been able to get enough work to keep the bills paid and food on the table. Looking forward to some interesting conversations.
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Hey man...yeah, it's awesome over here.'s a bit more laid back and a bit s-l-o-w around here too (compared to Contractor Talk).

But it's nice without all the other trades jumping in...around here it's All Painting-All the time....

:thumbsup: I frickin' love it!!!!:thumbsup:​
Hello Mike
I'm heading out to Michigan for vacation this summer
I am a 6 time a year guy to MI for long weekends, wife and I are trying to buy place in traverse city. MI is good as long as you don't have to work there!
Welcome Mike!
I am from MI also, Grand Rapids. MAK-DECO, I spend a fair amount of vacation time in Traverse also. If you want a good breakfast, make sure you try the Omlette Shoppe, the one on 31 between the bays.
I've got family in western Michigan. Not as far north as Traverse City, but about as far west as you can get. Wecome to the site Firemike!
I am from MI also, Grand Rapids. MAK-DECO, I spend a fair amount of vacation time in Traverse also. If you want a good breakfast, make sure you try the Omlette Shoppe, the one on 31 between the bays.
Yes been there great place!, We are looking at condos 15 miles north of TC in small town of Sutton's Bay. But Traverse is main area near there. We like the Italian restaurant Stella's. Its in the old hospital really cool in there.

Also North Peak is good, good micro brewery!

Hey Firemike sorry to Hi Jack your thread.
Brushslinger, Rich, Workaholic, Wolverine, Thanks for the welcome!

Slickshift, thanks! Where ya headin to here in Michigan?

DeanV: A fellow Michigander. I am in Farmington Hills, over by Detroit

MAK-Deco - Traverse is a nice place, they get a lots of tourists in the summer and winter. No big deal hijacking, I have no problem sharing. It is nice to see someone actually comes into Michigan instead of everyone leaving. You're right, it isn't the greatest place to be working right now, but it still is a helluva place to live!

I used to have a cabin by Petoskey, a half hour or so north of TC. Gonna have to try Stella's. Been through Suttons bay before, from what I remember it is really nice. A friend has a place in Christmas Cove on the north end of the penninsula.

mailman, thanks for the welcome!
FireMike, I hope you have good year on your side of the state, I guess we are officially in a recession in MI now.
Hello Firemike,

Paint all day here.
Instruction on bottom of can.


What is official recession ?

Friends just left s Oregon.
Not much going on.
No tax base.

Library, schools, all county stuff shutting down, cut back in 5 counties.
Sheriff ready to parole most prisoners!

Had to put locking gas caps on co trucks as they'd be dry in the morn.

... I was gonna look up that way, as real estate way expensive here ...
It's getting pretty slow, but most people working, here.
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Friend, it's slow here.... I got far too much time to spend on the computer.

and I looked up the economics in MI.

sheesh! what a mess!

If you can, move on down the line and go back when they need yah.

Good luck,
Hey Mike!

Running new construction in the western Chicago suburbs, I'm seeing way too many MI plates moving in. Close to 20% of the new houses are going to the Michigan migration.

It's a shame they have to leave such a beautiful state. I'm in Michigan at least 10 times a year. My sister is a little south of Kalamazoo. I talked to a painter at the local Miejer's. He told me he charges just enough to pay for food for his family, and he's trying to hold on to his house.

I would rather live there, but I need the 40's. Good luck, and suport your MI companies.

And Mak, there is a great vineyard about 10 miles up that road to the light house in Traverse.
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