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Hi all. James here from from Torquay, Australia. Started painting to get the spending money to date a girl. Still painting now, 20 years later. Still dating the same girl ! She must love the smell of turpentine as much as i love painting.

I love the freedom that painting offers me. Most of my work at the moment is domestic new construction and i also enjoy doing exterior repaints along the coast. One of my favourite pastimes is having long coffee breaks with an assortment of biscuits (especially montecarlo creams) while listening to my older clients reminisce and tell it straight, with all political correctness out the window.

Things i like:
1) Getting the spray gun out.
2) Flicking gap sealant off my fingertips.
3) Talking the talk in the paint shop.
4) Window shopping...(Removing the most expensive brush from its packet, running the bristles over my fingers and along my face (as though i was shaving), assessing its quality, pondering if it is worth the price tag, then putting it back in its cover and hanging it back on its display shelf).

I'm always looking for new ways to do the same task more efficiently.

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Welcome to PT James. Nice to hear from someone on the other side of the planet.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the forum. Lot's of great discussion and info shared here.
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