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Hello from the beautiful central coast Ca.

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HI out there in painting land. I hate to brag but the weather is incredible out here. Another day of 72 degrees or more. We put down "weather permitting" in our last two exterior painting contracts and we only missed one day out of five weeks work. I'm looking forward to helping anybody out with business or painting questions. I'm always learning things after 20 years and I may have a few questions myself.
Take care all. I'm still wearing shorts and sun screen. (November19, 2007).:thumbup:
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welcome to the forum
Hey Dan, how ya doin?
Welcome aboard Dan,
I don't think we'll be able to sway a vote, though...
39 degrees for the high today
getting snow/sleet right now

got to experience the most beautiful time of the year recently with the autumn colors and leaves falling :tt2:
Good to meet ya Dan
75 or so today, absolutely beautiful.
Hi Dan
The weather out here is incredible also
Just had measured 81 MPH gusts, sideways giant rain, and electric out for three days
I went to the beach during the storm
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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