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Hello everyone,

Little about myself, I worked in the Remodeling, Fire Damage/ Water Restoration repair field for several years doing everything from Electrical to Plumbing, to hanging board, tape and mud, and painting. Had a partner who basically drove a Very Sucessful business into the ground. Long story but unwise spending habits and a drug problem......

Left the business while my name was still good, and got a job working for an Automaker about 11 years ago. Recently lost my job there due to the economy but received a nice severance check. So I decided to get into the construction field again. I always knew what I wanted my company to be like, but had no real idea as to how to get there. I did some research and found FreshCoat Painting. I knew my ultimate goal was to run crews and be the premier contractor in my area and they were a perfect fit. I invested my money with the Franchise and am now the proud owner of FreshCoat location 91149.

I have most of the middle of Northern Illinois, specifically the Rockford area. While its been some time since I've actually been in the field, I've kept my skills and talents honed by buying older homes in the area and fixing them up for resale with my dad.

Coming back to the field has been an exciting prospect as I've always excelled in the painting part, as well as drywall/plaster repair and the dreaded Texture match.... And no matter how much you do, the room only looks as good as the paint. Its the most dramatic and visual thing a home owner can do to improve their investment. Thats the part I love!

So, Hats off to all you pros who make this business what it is, and I'm proud to be a member of this field, and these forums.

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