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Help with paint

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i'm painting a floor that gets a lot of use in a tattoo shop and i'm looking for advice on what kind on paint i should use. its a clay tile floor that they have painted before but just used regular porch paint. what could i use that would last a long time and with hold lots of abuse?

thanks for your help.
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A 2 part floor/garage epoxy will do the trick. There are a few real good choices on the market and then there are some that are ok. US Industrial Coatings and EpoArmor Garage Floor Epoxy are serious ones. SW and Home Depot sell some cheaper, decent kits too. Keep in mind a tattoo shop needs to be clean/sterile/easy to clean/etc, so this may affect your paint choice as well.

The key to painting any floor is the prep. Make sure and follow the directions/dry times to the T.
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