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Help with paint

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i'm painting a floor that gets a lot of use in a tattoo shop and i'm looking for advice on what kind on paint i should use. its a clay tile floor that they have painted before but just used regular porch paint. what could i use that would last a long time and with hold lots of abuse?

thanks for your help.
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Ow... Rich didn't even give our website... that hurts... lol...

I would NOT use anything from Home Depot or Lowes. Tatoo shops need to have an FDA approved impermeable coating... The kits that they sell are waterbased, permeable, and porous.

The coating also needs to be extremely resistant to heavy solvents and cleaning agents, abrasion, and slip resistant.

Next, I would recommend that the coating be a semi-ceramic. This does NOT mean that the paint supplier added ceramic microspheres to the coatings. That does not really make a coating ceramic! The coating needs to be packed with real ceramic particles. Don't get fooled by people who want to sell you spheres.

Last, a good 2K cycloaliphatic Clearcoat will go a long way in hiding scratches. There is a large concentration of people that wear big huge heavy boots filled with SAND and dirt into these places. That combination makes for some pretty crazy abuse.
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