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let me wind it up [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

25+ yrs exp int/ext/res/com/ from latex to 2prt epox & porc's

steps to 60' firemans ladders w/ a 40ext stapped to that

brush - roll - hvlps - airless n hydraulics - bulldogs & vasaline

nice brush no brush no lunch nothing close by out of cigs this sucks

hate gencons hate lacquer hate no checks perplexed by all the mexs

full face resp - no mask - shirt mask - cough cough Im OUT OF PAINT!

cover the earth thats not sherwills thats all the drops i got - kill me please


glad to be here - may the force b with you and don't fall
or you'll be fired 4 u hit da ground - bam!
where the BLEEP is my 5n1 and who's track'n paint ?
yes mam thats a nice rotwieller, no mam I can't paint around it

ask me anything, my door is open, i got more answers than u have questions.

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Welcome, Ugly. 60 + 40?! What the heck you painting?!

I like your site. We have a guy here in Austin who does that but he paints the logo vs. vinyl. Not sure why. Size, I guess. Not sure what he charges either, but it sure seems easier to just slap on the vinyl!
Take care!

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I'll trade yah paychecks...a "master painter" must be at six figures net...

welcome to the forum
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