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Greetings, just joined up, wanna say hey. Id been reading on the side now for a spell, decided to come on in and make words with ya. I operate in a area where folks still answer the door with shotguns, and lotta things can still be obtained by trading chickens and such, gotta travel to civilization (20 miles) to do any real bussiness, but I would'nt have it any other way. I work solo most the time, keeps my overhead down. well I said enough. look forward to swappin bullpiles and such. later.
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Are you a painter?
Welcome from Pittsburgh.
Welcome crow
I operate in a area where folks still answer the door with shotguns
Wow, you too?! Welcome from Canada
Welcome from Everett Washington! I spent about a year in Johnston. Seems like while I was there I spent most of my time riding my dirtbike and streetbike. Its kind of nice not to have to wear a helmet on the street. There sure is a lot of corn over there. Welcome.
Well, Crow, I'd say that's a bit different from here...


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Yea buddy, yall gotta whole lotta diffrent going on out there. Im not sure I really wanna know what the ell that is? but this is my backyard.
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