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I joined here a while ago but just got around to posting - Nice to see a board with a good sense of humor (gotta have one in this trade or you'd crack up lol).

Anyways - I live in Scotland and I've been in the trade for 33 years - Worked for myself for 22 of them. I wallpaper, paint, spray, drywall tape, texture and paint effects. I used to some freelancing building web sites in my spare time or in the winter months when days are shorter and work was slower but that got too busy and found I couldn't do both - Tossed a coin and the decorating won lol

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Scotland eh?
I could almost see your house from here, but Newfoundland is in the way
On a clear day I've got a nice view of France though
Anyway...welcome to the site!

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You :sweatdrop: for a bloke , shacked up with his missus :blush: :party:, and now your on the :scooter:. If he catches you :boxing: you'll end up in a :wheelchair: or worse still :hang:

Lay low and as Shaw Taylor used to say "keep em peeled" :eek:

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