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Hello everyone, Im from Allen texas and am 26 years old, I've been painting for over ten years now, and started my own company in 2016, called Texas House of Paint. All I wanted to do was work for my self and just work on my own and just part time. Maybe its luck, or blessings or something, but it took off immediately and word of mouth spread like crazy. I currently have 4 full time employees plus my self. I know your probably thinking that I'm too young to possibly know what im doing, but im not like typical kids my age, I feel like an old man about most issues and have an old fashioned style about my work. 90% of homeowners comment on how shocked they are to see my attention to detail and work ethic. Its so strange to me that working hard and caring about the quality of your work is seen as out of the ordinary these days im extremely thankful for this website, I have been able to turn to y'all and learn from a lot of yalls mistakes, as I have been combing thru this website on my free time, and read up on a lot of walls techniques and opinions when I first started. im so blessed and grateful to be in the position im in, and even thru all the stress and BS, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. ive got a few questions and comments.

I have been using the pro industrial water based urethane on cabinets lately, its similar to the emerald urethane but I like the pro industrial better, I like how nice it levels, almost like oil, and obviously the quick drying time is beneficial, is anyone else using that?

also how come so many homeowners don't understand that you can't just touchup everything, I can't tell you how many calls I get where they want me to come 'just touch up their walls" especially when the paint is ten years old. and 9 times out of 10 when I ask them if they even have the old paint, they tell me 'no, but its just white."

one of my biggest issues as a business owner is im too nice and I want to help everyone for as cheap as possible but it always comes back to bite me in the ass, im sure I don't have to explain what I mean, but anytime someone spends a lot of money with me, and they ask if I can do something small while im there, I always do it for free, and everything in the whole Job will go flawlessly, EXCEPT for the one thing that I didn't even make a dime off of, and it will typically take 2-3 separate trips to correct, and typically isn't even my fault.

the other day, I was up on a ladder cutting in, and the HO asked me to change a lightbulb while I was there- sure no problem. so I come in late the next day because I had a meeting. and I walk in and NO ONE is painting, all my three guys at the time are changing all the lightbulbs.... they told me the homeowner told him that I would....

im sure all of this stuff has been posted in here before, I have so many stories, but im sure y'all have experienced them all as well.

one more thing I want to mention, is that a few years ago I found out that one of my employees had a cheaper pro mar 200 price than I did... so I asked my rep about it, I was paying 28 and he was paying 25, my rep said to me " yeah he has a cheaper price because he buys less than you, think about how much you buy vs how much he buys".... that made absolutely no sense to me at all, I understand that he's saying that he buys less so it doesn't hit SW as hard as if I payed less.. but I thought the whole purchasing more quantity was going to get you a better price. ive actually become friends with my rep, I need to ask him about that now that I think about it.

thanks for your time, if anyone took the time to read this far. I hope to interact on here more frequently, its just hard after painting all day and then sending estimates, to find time to talk about more pain t:surprise: but I love it!

God bless!

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Welcome to the group.

You can certainly be nice without letting yourself be taken advantage of. For us, time is money so the more of it you give away, the lower your rate per hour. And trust me, people will think nothing of wasting your time if you let them.

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The great thing about this industry and life in general, is that you learn something new everyday. I think you know what to do, but just need the experiences to learn from. I don't mind changing out that 1 lightbulb for you mam, but for an extra $60 I'll change them all. Sound fair?
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