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Hi from Canada

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I'm not sure how many other Canadians frequent this forum, but I'm from southeast Alberta for anyone who knows where that is.

I first started painting about 15 years ago as a student, and after that did some interiors every now and then. Then I got the brain-wave in September of making a business out of it and have been solo for about a month now (and working for about half that time!). I'm not sure I started at exactly the wisest time of year, but I guess sometimes you have to take a chance.

I look forward to these forums so I can learn how to hone my skills better; I'm pretty good overall, but I have a few quirks yet - like being slow with certain tasks. I also want to get better marketing ideas. I've spent many hours picking the brains of experienced people in person, so now I look forward to bugging you guys on-line.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be here and look forward to the experience.
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Welcome from Toronto.
There may be another Canadian or two here.
Good luck with your business.
Now that you discovered these forums,
you 'll have all the insider information
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