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hi from michigan

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Ive seen this site a few times and thought Id join. I hang out on the contractor talk all the time. I do alot of painting on metal barn roofs, I hate doing rooms in houses, I like to be outside. I may be getting into more painting so I figured I would join and maybe learn something.
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If you have any questions about DTM (since you said that you do metal barn roofs), let me know and I can try to help you. I have been specializing in that since I've been at Rust-Oleum.


welcome from WI,
so Carter, what do you say to use on a metal second story porch roof that has peeling latex paint on it?
I take it that it's a metal roof? Most likely aluminum? If you want to go with an acrylic over it, I would say use the Rust-Oleum 3700 series paint. It provides great dry times (totally hard in 4 hours and water won't touch it then) and good durability.

Otherwise I would probably say to go with a traditional "stops rust" oil based alkyd for superb durability. It will take longer to dry, but you really can't beat it when it comes to overall quality.

That's just my opinion right this moment. Let me know what the type of metal you'll be painting over is and I'll check with someone more familiar with out products tomorrow and give you the definitive answer. :thumbsup:
yah it is aluminum. I didnt think that you were supposed to paint flat aluminum roofs with regular paint as opposed to a roof coating.

Well you can, but of course we always recommend a primer and all that jazz. One of the standard tests we have is for adhesion to aluminum. We like it to have a 4 or 5 out of 5 rating. I'll be sure and get back to you on the best solution soon.
yah it is aluminum. I didnt think that you were supposed to paint flat aluminum roofs with regular paint as opposed to a roof coating.

Ok, just got the recommendation for your flat aluminum roof. The best product you can use on it would be Noxyde. You don't need to prime and it is super water and UV resistant.

Formulator, I seen some rustoleum that said aluminum, do you know what it was? Looked like a aluminum paint like asphault aluminum.
I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to say. Was it aluminum in color or was it just marketed as being able to go on aluminum?

There are a lot of paints that have aluminum pigments in it. Our Brite Kote aerosol has aluminum pigments in it I believe. Tomorrow I'll try to remember to post some pictures of some refurbish work I did in our lab.
The can looked like a regular can of rustoleum but where the color stripe is that says red or green, this said aluminum, I never seen that before.

I was just downstairs. Yeah it is a stops rust paint pigmented with aluminum so it should look like aluminum when applied. :p
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