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Hi From RI

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Hi Folks,
I am just getting back into painting after being out of the business for 17 years. Before that I painted full time from the early 70's thru 1989. Had my own company for a number of years, main work was on older homes/building. Repaired old horse hair plaster walls, alot of mud (joint compound) work as well. Onething I can tell you, don't get out for 17 years then start moving and climbing ladders again. I forgot how much your feet and body can hurt :) But it is good to be back in the trade I love doing. Right now I am just doing some sub-contracting from a couple of people I know. Thought it would be a good way to find out if I still have it and I do lol.

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Hey Bill-nice to meet you

What part of RI? I just finished a job in Cranston and have one going in Coventry at the moment. I work a lot in RI.

I look forward to your experience as I am constantly looking to learn.
Welcome Bill, glad to have you on the site and back in the trade.
Thanks folks,

Rich I am in Westerly, Been here for 21 years. Moved here from Chicopee MA. wife wanted to get the kids out of the city. Westerly was a nice small town back then.
Welcome from SC!
Hey Wolverine, I lived in Greenwood for a couple years back in the 70's. Worked for a construction company while I was there, built a stone crusher in a quarry near Columbia, also built mausoleums in Greenwood. That was a fun job. I was in eveyones grave before they were. With a stone for smoothing the concret and filled the air pockets (holes) so they were nice and smooth inside. Not the type of work I thought I would be doing, but when you work for a construction company. You never know what they'll have you do.
Welcome to the site. I work in RI a couple of days a week.

Please use your directionals (blinkers), for some reason RI drivers fail to use them.
Hey there Bill from out in the ocean
Icy Hot patches and Motrin in the van always!
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