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Welcome, what part of tn? I am going to Nashville next month, :thumbup:
Clarksville! (Born and raised)
Made my Last trip to down town area of Nashville last month.
Good luck to ya! Make sure to carry extra under paints, your sure to need them.
Come hell, high water, or what not. I'm never going back to Nashville again. I cant find anything in that maze of new roads and idiots. :censored:
Half the idiots driving 85mph, and the other half driving 45mph on the same 70mph strip of road makes it hard to get across lanes. I couldn't even decide which group to curse at. Between the idiots and Mapquest directions I'm sure to blow my top before i get out of there.
One things for sure there must be money to made there. Cause they seem to thrive on thrill of running 85mph threw road construction zones, (double the ticket!) and then slow to 45mph in the straight clear sections. What the :censored: !
Every year gets worse for some reason. Apparently there breeding. :eek:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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