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I am new to this forum this weekend and have been madly absorbing the posts.

My husband and I have a painting company in southwest florida.
Admitedly, the first couple years we were just sort of glad to have him self employed and getting jobs.

I have always been the one to do his books, etc but the last year or two we started to get much more serious about the business side of things.

It is a team effort for us because I have some business experience, but he is the one who knows his field.

So far this forum has been so extremely helpful to me!
The business posts by Pressurepros and Brian are right on the money and have immediately opened my eyes to some of the classic errors we have been making that have been preventing us from getting ahead.
I know my husband is an excellent craftsman, and he is great with people.
His customers love him and he stays well booked with referrals...but we were never getting profitable enough, always staying in debt.

I am good with numbers, books, reading, scheduling, learning new business ideas, and methodically applying them. And he is open minded to this stuff as well.
So we can do this!!!
We vowed to dig into 2008 and really come out more profitably.
The support here will really be appreciated!

Also, I have found the painting and pressure cleaning posts to be helpful as well. Especially regarding ecofriendly products.

I'm not sure if my husband and I will both post under this name. I am not sure how often he will get on here. He works very long days right now.
I imagine I will be the most active here but we will make 2 separate log ins if we both start spending more time here.


Thanks so much!

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Welcome Jes

You guys have the same setup my wife and I had.... and my accountant thanked me every year too! Glad to have you (both) here
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