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homeowners will never learn

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I was on another board, and this guy asked for referrals for a countertop installer. He basicly said "I want granite, and perfect craftmanship, for cheap". then everyone responded about how bad everything turned out in there experiences with contractors and they don't understand why things aren't regulated better and why contractors make so much money and always do a bad job. DONT THEY REALIZE THAT THE PROBLEM IS THEM AND THEIR DESIRE TO GET EVERYTHING FOR NOTHING? It's just so Fkn irritating that we have to fight everyday for work against the lowballers that ruin our industry's with poor craftsmanship but they will always be there because of homeowner greed. Everyone has to make a living, why should a painter work 8 hrs a day, balance his books at night, pay for advertisizing, pay for ever increasing fuel costs, ect... for nothing?

I guess the worst part is that the cycle won't end, lowballers will always be there, we will always have to compete with them and there prices. When we land a job, every detail will scutinized because we get someone who has been burned in the past.

rant off
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the old saing "you get what you pay for" isnt always true

there are many inexperienced estimators/newbies or con- men that deliver a terrible product for top dollar (plenty tuition painters horror stories out there)

so when i hear people say you get what you pay for, i would still advise them to beware

and yes lowballers are out there,,,,,but try to set yourself apart from these fellas,,,,,,,the calls you want to generate are the ones that say "i didnt call you because i wanted a low price"

i know that times are tough, and people shop,,,,,,,

this is why its so important to develop a great referral base,,,,,these great ladies/homeowners will sell your service for you to their neighbors and freinds

dont feel like you have to give every estimate,,,,,weed them out,,,,,qualify you potential customers,,,

you can do less and make more $$$$ if you position yourself well

this time of year can be rough,,,,,,theres a lot of starving painters coming off a rough winter, and whoring themselves out for some cash,,,,,,so i like to line up my first 2 months of exteriors during the previous fall and winter

just my 2 cents from a dumbazz house painter:)
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