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house painting

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Hi jong and welcome to the site, painting services sure do help when doing house renovations. We sure do handle all the dirty work. Thanks for posting, hope to hear more from you.
Good point, Tim. Yes, we sure do roll up our sleeves and get in there and paint. Its not as easy as most people think! Especially to do a nice job. I'm glad jong made the original point. Sometimes we take it for granted...
I'm hope he comes back soon, i'm sure he has lots of ideas to help us all along the way.

I never really looked at it that way. I am reconsidering the part above where I told Jong I couldnt agree more. You raise a very good point.
My thoughts exactly V, I think when Jong comes back, he'll change his mind also.
Yeah but how many people do you know that can turn over a bucket of paint and have a spill in a perfect circle??!!
Not only is he an excellent painter Sage, he is an excellent spiller. :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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