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house painting

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Excellent post. I couldnt agree more. Painting is an important part of the renovation process.
Good point, Tim. Yes, we sure do roll up our sleeves and get in there and paint. Its not as easy as most people think! Especially to do a nice job. I'm glad jong made the original point. Sometimes we take it for granted...

I never really looked at it that way. I am reconsidering the part above where I told Jong I couldnt agree more. You raise a very good point.

The only part I disagree with is it doesnt take me 15 minutes to clean up and get out. Much less.

I was just thinking today about adjusting my unit cost for doors. As I said, with quicker cleanup, I think I can get that to an even 7 hours...and thats gonna be per side for me. I have never believed in multi-tasking both sides of the door, and I really dont like to start something new before I have finished the task at hand. You have, as always, broken it down nicely.

I was talking about that on the "bidding from blueprints" thread just the other day, how when you breakdown the smallest most innocuous items it can actually be advantageous. The sum of parts is often much greater than what the whole appears to be. You make a great case for thoughtful and thorough estimating, and I think achieved it without hijacking jong's original topic. :blink:
hi to all of you out there! i've been busy for quite some time now. when doing house painting the only thing needed is to have proper management all the time.
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Nice to see you again. It is so helpful when you stop by and give us tips on painting.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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