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I have the base chem mixed up locally. Its a combination of non-ionic surfactants, water softeners, sodium metasilicate, trisodium phosphate. There are also some other ingredients to prevent flash rusting and promote fast rinsing. We use this formula to make a concentrate. In a pail its:
• one gallon concentrate
• 3 gallons 12% sodium hypochlorite
• 20 oz high quality car wash (to act as a foamer for cling and further rinse aid)
• Water to fill

This solution is downstreamed onto vinyl.
When wax/polymer upgrade is chosen by customer it is applied at final rinse. I know some guys add wax to their mix but my feeling is that the caustics will emulsify/break down the wax in the bucket. We keep it separate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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