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how does everyone else feel about 1coat ext. paints?

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Such as duration or aura in the exterior variety. As professionals are we morally obligated to apply two coats, or is it acceptable to give the customers an "ultra premium" paint with a lower overall price tag? I did a job last year with just one coat of duration and it looks fine, did not need a second coat appearance wise. Is there going to be much less performance with just one coat?
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Though traditionally I have been of the Two Coats Only camp, the Duration has caused me to say One Coat for Maint. w/Duration
With the Aura Ext., so far it's looking pretty good to be a One Coat
The Factory says one coat
I'll need to use it a bit more, and see how it hold up out here (I'm basically 30 miles out in the Atlantic)
I am thinking my Old School ways are not up with New School Paints
Keeping in mind we have been told "One Coat" so many times before, and it was ....hogwash, it's tough to think out of that box (or can, as it were)
Mark, isn't proVT a stain? Why would you prime under a stain?
It sort of boggles me too, but there are reasons for priming under a solid stain

Both BM and C sell stain specific primers
We've actually had a few discussions about this here and there, basically hijacking a couple of other threads
We haven't got a good answer from any lab guys yet
Perhaps it needs it's own thread to get their attention....
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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