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how does everyone else feel about 1coat ext. paints?

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Such as duration or aura in the exterior variety. As professionals are we morally obligated to apply two coats, or is it acceptable to give the customers an "ultra premium" paint with a lower overall price tag? I did a job last year with just one coat of duration and it looks fine, did not need a second coat appearance wise. Is there going to be much less performance with just one coat?
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Mark, isn't proVT a stain? Why would you prime under a stain?
Sorry, thought your were using a separate primer under the stain.
My understanding is that stain needs to penetrate into the wood. Wouldn't a primer block penetration?
I'm sure there is products you can use..but to apply say Ben Moore fresh start primer and then stain would be wrong.
Yes, Ive used the product allot this past year myself, it is thick.. thicker than some of the paints I use. I like it.
I'm not saying anyone is wrong... well, maybe..I just want to make sure I'm right.
Not done a cedar job yet since I've been in business, thats why I'm not familiar. Looking forward to it though.
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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