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How many guys here still scrape a house.

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Is there any painters here that still scrape (prep) a house. I personally use a makita sander....and then palm if they wish.... haven't used a scraper in years
other than to get into the hard places.... I sometimes drive by a house being prepped and see guys scraping away.... I personally believe that scraping damages the wood and looks like crap... other than waste time and money.



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Do you not end up with a wavy siding package with peaks and valley's? What about cedar or redwood? I still scrape and feather sand edges. Maybe I'm a gluten for punishment:whistling2:
It really depends on the job. Some jobs can be prepd with power tools some cant imo
I'm pretty good with it.... but my new guys can really eat up some wood.
I still feather sand if they customer pays for that level of prep....
here's a pic....DSCF0014.jpg


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I hate those kind of jobs, i sure hope your getting paid good for them, we really dont do homes older then 10 yrs old, and we use orbital sanders ,work great, the disk sanders work well to, if needed. using a five in one is doing no one any good imo
I scrape, yes, and I use a disc sander (exact model shown), and I use a random orbital. Sometimes I can do without the random orbital. I'm also very good with the disc sander, if I do say so myself :whistling2:

When you don't scrape first, the disc sander gets gunked up a lot faster, so it's either take off the pad with the damn allen wrench every 2 clapboards or scrape first and get a lot more use from the pad....I choose scrape first then disc sand

I usually get lots of jobs like this, not too much new work unfortunately...just my luck I guess.
Never have used sanding power tools on exteriors for prep. Normally is just small scrap light sand and lets go.
We also a working in The Woodlands Texas where the houses are no older than 20 years.
Also if the paint is chipping it's usually becuse of rot, so we just change out the siding.

I have a kewl spray tip on my pressure washer.... it removes anything loose before I get to that point.

There are a lot of of older communities that ban power sanding or blasting of exterior surfaces. I've heard of some who even ban powerwashing. The reason, concerns about lead paint contamination of ground water and surrounding areas. These communities do allow scraping providing the ground areas are tarped and the debris properly disposed of. Some contractors are using Peel Bond to reduce but not eliminate the scraping requirements. Nothing like a stop work order and a civil fine to get your attention.
I hate those kind of jobs, i sure hope your getting paid good for them, we really dont do homes older then 10 yrs old, and we use orbital sanders ,work great, the disk sanders work well to, if needed. using a five in one is doing no one any good imo

I hate 5 in 1's. They are only good for punching holes in truck seats. The less than 10 yr. old homes I paint is acrylic over acrylic that require no scraping.
I did a lead safe job in 2000 by outsourcing prep labor who used stiff blade putty knifes to scrape before I primed and one coated. Only this week did I spot the beginning of more lead base paint loss on the SW siding. It's the pictured Victorian.
Ha! 5 in 1 really has shredded my truck seat!

We had a govt abbr agency check us out on a victorian, but they left us alone when they saw the crew was scraping and bagging the chips. They had thought, or been advised we might be sandblasting, which was not the case.

Peel and strip is used a lot here, too. What a messy, drawn out process!

Had an old guy that used to walk by our house, on his way to local market, that had lead poisoning from his years in the oilfields... He was real old, and NOT in good shape. One of the signs of lead poisoning is he did not walk heel to toe , he just kinda shuffled, slid his feet along.
Mac was a good ole guy. Got to know him, pretty much because he was so darned slow walking past our place! He was friendly enough.
He checked out...
I have a kewl spray tip on my pressure washer.... it removes anything loose before I get to that point.[/q

What is this Kelly? May have used one before but never found a name.

Turbo nozzle will eat up flakey paint, but too close and it will also eat up wood and stucco!
I never said it was pretty.... just effective. I did a 4 story barn today... and one yesterday.... removed almost all the paint... will spray one coat oil primer and 2 coats latex .... will look great.

I also use them on older homes... as the first step in the prep process.
then I sand hard.... then feather with palm... of course, this is quite expensive.

I feel there is two types of pressure washing.... one to clean the house..
and one to remove as much paint as possible.

P.S.. don't tell Pressure Pro's I said that.
You might be surprised, Kelly.
Much more to pressure washing than two options.
:thumbup: NO some painters are using a paint eater that not only eats away at the paint but also leaves a smooth finish.
I've been using a Paintshaver Pro attached to a HEPA vacuum lately. Orbital sand after and it's good to go.
Hope to stay away from those types of jobs, and I will unless I go back to Il.
If that's the case, I'll do whatever it takes. I'd like to say I won't scrape, but I will. I'm in agreement with rich on the sanding.
Power washing is in order for some of the really bad ones. Then scrape, becuse, a sander (or grinder like you have pictured) may not get everything. It's just like bubbled paint on the wall, you can get rid of the bubbled area, but the surrounding area may still be loose, and a sander (not grinder) might not lift it off.

Scrapers do some damage, but mine is minimized since I cut my teeth on this type of work. I'm still going to say, get some scrapers, not the flat ones, but the ones with replacement blades and carry a file.

After that, I might sand some bad areas.

What is the tip you use on the power washer? There's only so many. I like the spinner tip with plenty of pressure due to the old linseed products.

I have much more control over a scraper than an 80 or 60 grit grinder. I think there's more sanding to do after a grinder than a scraper. But, your method is probably faster and it sure looks good.

5n1 is the greatest tool. If I see a guy with a sharp 5n1, he gets my attention quicker than someone with a power tool. I keep my 5n1 sharp and smooth enough to scrape paint off glass without scratching it.
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