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Tim great link thanks, Im in the same boat as you, I hope to have one going soon. I know they add a lot of creditability, and trust, and professionalism, just curios of what real number leads differnt folks are getting.

Tim again great link thankyou,

dave mac
Your welcome brother, always glad to help.

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My answer to the question is none. As of the moment is have no website. Been working on one for about a year now and seems like it will take another 7 years to complete.
I'd suggest getting up a simple web site, even if it's only a few pages. Something is better than nothing. And it will help immensely with the search engines from my understanding. A new site is going to be at the end of the list (all things being equal), so the sooner you get one up the better off you'll be in the long term.

To be honest, I really don't understand why anyone would not have a web site. They are cheap, easy to do, and the potential return is enormous. Hosting is easy to get at $10 a month. A reasonably decent site can be built in a few hours with the software now available. Even if you really don't need the leads, it adds credibility. And, the more leads you have, the more you can pick and choose the jobs you want.

Brian Phillips
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