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I am new and looking for a mentor

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hi there greerings from kenya. I started interior decorating business early last year concetrating on wall painting decor(special wall effect,murals,abstracts and stencil). Business was going on well until end of november when there was a very low key business which was brought mainly by the political climate.By end of feburary I was forced out of business as I was not getting any contracts,rent was increased among other factors which are caused by sole entreprenuership.Most of the times I feel demotitaved that I want to stop but I tell myself I have to continue.I am not really disciplined as I dont have anyone to follow me to know if I am chasing for proposals.I have made very sucidal mistakes in management that has also cost me money a great chunk of money.I really need someone to mentor and push me hard as I know its my attitude that might be hindering me.I want to be on top in East Africa:icon_confused: regards
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hi paulingard

tell me where do we start .cheers
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