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I don't watch this forum often...

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but I thought I'd say hello. I'll probably be posting here alot from now on. Some of you guys, I'm sure, are familiar with my rants about my current company. I love the guy for what he's taught me, but truth be told, I've learned all they can teach me, and I've learned they are cutthroat, and don't do the quality of work and jobs that I want to tackle. We repaint and clean out for property management groups, lots of apts., duples, townhomes etc.. The BS is starting to get to me. From the mismanagement of the witless son, to my boss constantly lowballing himself and running over budget(he charges 17.50 per hour, per man, for the last 10 YEARS!), and taking it out on me, they wont pick up sidework when work is slow, and when work is slow, im the first to "take a break, sleep in this week". Im just sick of it. But I grew up around some old painters who talk about throwing work my way when i see them at the supply house. I guess I'm scared that I cant perform to their standards, though i have no idea what kinda work they do. I also feel kinda crackheadish because i dont own a vehicle or ladders, but other than that, i buy all my own stuff(and my current employer has no problem ruining my new wirebrushes, roller screens, paintbrushes etc..., "stop complainin', its only a 5 dollar screen!", even sandpaper and spackle and mud. I know i have alot to learn, i want to get on with a real painter, but id also like to take on some small jobs of my own. I guess my biggest thing is learning how to assess a job, I never took shop, so i know nothing about measuring, I always half that 400 sq ft stuff, in case 2 coats are needed. I know that my work is worth more than 17.50 an hour, (7.50 of which goes to bossman), but i dont like charging by the hour for obvious reasons. Anyway, Im sure ill have many questions in the months to come. just wanted to let yall know where im at and where im coming from.
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If your idiot ex boss could do it for $17.50 an hour and has work you can't get at $40 an hour, try bidding at 30 or 35 and see if it works, dude...
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