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i used mythic paint

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i used mythic paint today and i am a fan of the product...(0 voc and zero carcinogins)i only did 2 accent walls with it to try it out so i cant say how it will work in many different situations but i was pleased with it so far....i used a tan color called "sand in your shoes"(interior flat) and i was painting over a similar color so it only took one seemed like it was a little thicker than most paints while i was cutting in but that was not neccesarily a bad had almost no odor at all as well...i had my friend that does not paint smell the can and he said he could barely smell it at all..i want to try their semigloss and eggshell to see if i would use the whole line more.. but the flat definately passed my test....i will be using it again but the thing is that the store is far from me so accesibilty is still a with ur wallets folks and use products that are better for the environment and support them so they can prosper for doing the right thing
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Painter friendly product is a GOOD thing!
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