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Insurance company

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Whats a good insurance company that has good prices?
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What do you think i will end up paying for insurance with them? is it pretty cheap?
600 per year for your business insurance? wow bro i deff need to get those peoples number and call them
Yeah i thought it would be alot more..atleast 200 per month or something
Wow, I thought it would be alot more..
Now do i need my contractors license before i can get insurance?
I worked painting for awhile i know all about it..Im just trying to start my own business and have no idea about lisences and insurance
I am hoping so..i want to get this started i love painting..
Va requires one im sure..they require everything else lol..i just need to find out what i need to do to get one in VA im sure you need one though
Do i dont need a lisence for painting?
im sorry i said that messed up i ment to say sweet i dont need a license..
do any of you guys know any websites or phone numbers to insurance companys i need that..
google search on what kinda insurance company? and is there any pointers you can share with me on getting it lower?
insurance broker or just broker?

you need to stop asking such basic questions over and over and over again
wait until tomorrow, call an insurance agent, and get some quotes

if you are not happy with the amount they quote you, call another agency

I'm glad you are venturing into the grown up world of a paint business, but please, act like an adult and do some research yourself

we had to
research is what im tryin to do
thats all i needed thanks alot prowall
I have all the experance so i have that step. i have work truck much more steps can there be
Oh ok, Where in vermont do you run your business in? I lived in Barre for awhile
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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