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Int. Only or Ext. Only or All The Above

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Int. Only, Ext. Only or All The Above

I was doing a bid the other day for a mortgage person. They told me they wish the knew me two weeks ago because they have been using a painter that only does ext. :eek: and they been turning away all their int. work. I don't quite understand why someone would choose to only do ext. or int. You just cutting your market in half. Like this painter that only does ext. now he is potently going to loose it all just because he wont do a int. may be some of you can help understand this thinking.
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I agree with a few of the previous posts in terms of doing as much interior work as possible, simply because it is a fixed schedule. One thing that hasn't been addressed though is the profit margin between the two. I may be bidding wrong and need to come up on my interior stuff, but I can almost double my profit margin outside vs. inside on the right job ( not to say its every one because some interiors a high bid is a must). The way I see it the labor/risk involved in exteriors warrant a much higher profit margin, I mean really, who wants to be 35 feet off the ground scraping and covered in oil primer. The higher up I need to go, the higher the price goes.
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