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Int. Only or Ext. Only or All The Above

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Int. Only, Ext. Only or All The Above

I was doing a bid the other day for a mortgage person. They told me they wish the knew me two weeks ago because they have been using a painter that only does ext. :eek: and they been turning away all their int. work. I don't quite understand why someone would choose to only do ext. or int. You just cutting your market in half. Like this painter that only does ext. now he is potently going to loose it all just because he wont do a int. may be some of you can help understand this thinking.
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Exterior in terms of managing I feel is much easier and less stuff to worry about.
I love doing both, variety is the spice of life lol. If I was painting I would much rather just do interiors, if im managing, I much rather manage exteriors. But we do both and always will. Some people dont have the skill or patience to do interior, to each their own, do what works for you
why not ask the contractor your talking about
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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