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Hello everyone. New to the site. Experienced painter now trying to start my own business. Have a lot of questions on the business end. Also, anyone have co. name suggestions? I'm at a loss. Don't care for vanity branding (e.g. Fred's Painting, Keef Parley Painting & Coating, etc.), alphabet soup (ABC Painting), geo-branding (Nor-Cal Coatings) or locality branding (Broadway Brushworks). Ideas to offer?


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Paint Monkey(s) was my first idea, but I passed it by several people and some said it didnt sound professional and one actually said it sounded "racist". Dont ask me how. Even if irrational, I cant afford to go there.

428 Posts one time i was going to call my co. brushmonkey painting (I was younger) How bout Spill & Splatter painting?? No about Kick the bucket painting? Naming your company is something that you should think long & hard about because once you get it on all your DBA, bank accounts, licensing, cards, website etc. there's no going back unless you start all over. What do you specialize in? Invite some friends over for a few beers & barnstorm. It'll come to you when u least expect.
BTW welcome to PT
Welcome to PT.

What's wrong with
Painting Monkeys? :jester:

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Been brainstorming for months now. Problem is, I have to like it or I won't be able to be enthusiastic. That would normally be fine, but I am weird. My tastes rarely cross paths with joe and jane homeowner.

Right now, residential int/ext repaints. Have experience with specialty coatings, but want to establish baseline before spreading my offering out.


Supra Painters
wasnt this a Toyota model?

Grand Painters
not a lot of pizzaz

GrandLook Painters

Limited Edition Painters
conveys a nice meaning. considering this one. Bit long though. Six syllables. Prefer four and fewer.

Wall2Wall Painters
sounds like carpet. Wall3 (cubed) makes a shape more like a room with four walls and a ceiling.

Majestic Painters
I think they may be disappointed when we roll up in our van :)

GoodDay Painters

BigDog Painters
has character and is oddball... which I like. wish dogs were more colorful though. Dendrobatidae Painting?

JackPot Painters
hmmm... not sure about relating gambling with hiring a contractor

BellBoy Painters
says service. I like that.

BareFoot Painters
images of painters tromping through the house barefoot. ick

LongJohn Painters
Oddball. i Like that. But image is disconcerting. There is also a chain of fast food fish called Long John Silvers.

NoDrip Painters
sounds like a plumber service.

Crown Painters
taken many times over. Simple. the logo would have to be a special take on the name.

NewLook Painters

Jack&Jill Painters
didnt they fall down the hill with the pail?

SquareOne Painters
maybe. could make a good logo

TopFloor Painters
not bad. maybe

Paint Monkey(s) (says what we do--no subtitle--and is a play on mechanics as "grease monkeys" as well as implying play and fun.) Some responses I got were that it didnt seem professional and that it sounded "racist", which surprised me.

This Guy I Know painting . Everyone says "this guy I know" did a great job, call "this guy I know" etc. Bit hard to say. One response I got was "it's too clever by half."

The Paint Men 'nuff said

Wet Edge Painting Just sounds wrong somehow.

ColorWorks taken by a few.

Big Paint! inexplicably a favorite of a friend of mine. Big Oil. Big Pharma. BIG PAINT! he thinks its great. i think it sounds like a paint store or manufacturer.

Maybe we should switch from beer to vodka shots.

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Top Shelf Painting? Seems familiar... not sure if its taken. Purdy Painting? might be a name infringement about Pro Coat Painting?? You can abbreviate PCP ( HO.s will love it!) :thumbup:
Just make sure whatever it is its not trademarked in your area. Google it first. ;)
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