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My name is Harwood and I paint ocean front homes in Florida, especially the east coast where hurricane force winds are, of course , to be factored in too .I found Paint Talk through a Google search.
I am always interested in others opinions about paint products for a salty, humid,corrosive atmosphere, especially on HardiePlank whig seems to have been used extensively for cladding here in the last 10+ years.
I have a question about ipe decks, having just finished power washing a large oceanfront deck , back to the natural wood surface. The deck itself is about 10 years old, and the ipe is in great condition. (it weathered to the classic grey color)
The owner wants to maintain the natural original color of the wood.
My question is , do Brazilian ipe deck oils, which I see used frequently,ultimately result in a black fungal overgrowth? the deck is wrap around, with one (fully covered) part facing the ocean, and the other, side decks exposed to the sun and elements, although partly covered.
Are there water/acrylic based neutral-colored products that are recommended for what he is after (the natural wood color finish, that will last) , or is oil the way to go ?
Appreciate others thoughts.
Thank you.

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Can't help you with the IPE question (except to say that any deck subjected to the mositure and humidity of your region will likely show mildew eventually) but do want to welcome you to the forum.

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