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Is NAPP having trouble?

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After reading some positive posts on NAPP I tried to join. Sent in my application and after a week nothing. Called and talked to Mark Haven who lost or did not receive the info, faxed info again and talked to Mark for 45 minutes. He seems like a nice guy and being the end of the week he said (but did not promise) he would try to get me in the system that day.
Being patient, waited through the weekend. Money taken out of business account on Monday. Wednesday I sent an email hoping for a password or conformation. Friday called and got the answering machine. Still no reply, or password.
My question is this how the NAPP normally is? After reading the positive posts I hope I wasn't the last person to pay before it goes down the tubes. Realize that people get busy, but nobody wants to think they may have been taken.

What do they members know about NAPP recently? Am I just being paranoid?
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Well after freaking out and wondering whats going on, I come home to an email that welcomed me to NAPP. Man I have been chomping at the bit to get going. You guys must be right, that Mark is a busy guy.
Before I typed this reply, I surfed the NAPP site some (now that I am official [chest puffing out....oh no, thats my belly!]) and it is really something. There is SO much to absorb!

So we know that nothing is wrong, Mark is busy, and the site is really packed with stuff. Gotta go and check it out for yourself!

I am outta here.
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