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is there any reason this wouldn't work?

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sorry to start another DIY thread . . . but . . . I went an looked at a largish old, unfinished, natural stucco home right on main street. It is currently dirty white and the new HO is a huge fan of Norway and their colors (deep red, blue and cream). For some reason I had it in me to suggest a red body, blue trim, and cream accent paint job. Seeing as how this job is right on the main drag and it will be quite the transformation, I don't want to "screw it up". I was going to put two coats of ConFlex elastomeric on it. Does any one have experience as to the coverage of a red in an elastomeric? Will I need a 3rd coat for full color? Is this color scheme just a bad idea? I was thinking 2 coats of elastomeric as opposed to 1 ct conditioning primer 2 top coats because 1) the stucco is so old there are lots of hairline cracks to bridge and keep bridged and 2) then I am only putting 2 coats on, not 3. I am just lacking confidence on this and that is why I started this thread :)
The third picture is just the darn bestest stucco job I have ever seen :whistling2:


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i was thinking that elasto would be brutal to roll. how did you roll it up on the ladders? 5er with a screen? I think the tds says it has to be sprayed.
Stand on the ground and use a tall pole:thumbsup:
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