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Reading our areas just now, and liked this one:

"are you thinking about getting eny painting done Iam the man for the job I have been painting for the last 4 years when it comes to house hold painting I can do all interior or exterior come this spring and you are thinking about your deck parties but you need it refinished I can do that or your shide looking kind fo dull give a little paint and make it look like new if you are looking for eny of this things give me a call for prices my number is..."

I wonder about alot of these people placing ads on there. You would think they would want to look somewhat professional?

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That's a lot of new painters advertising.

I still think a well balanced ad campaign using all formats is best, maintained primarily for a "presence" in hopes of name recognition, so you are at least considered when the subject of painting does come up.

Better to have people talking about you than not know your name!

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Off topic, but as long as we're talking about craigslist and cheap painters

1st) I DID NOT WRITE THIS. It is a response I saw on craigslist to someone who was looking for a cheap painter. And b.) I tried to censor out the potty mouth but if I missed anything I apologize.
I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry when I read it:
You will not find a "great painter" with "references" to paint a lr/dr,kit,bath,hall plus 2 br for $800, (more than one coat with patching, etc.), you :censored: tight:censored: . You're an exploitive cheap :censored: . That is about $3,000 worth of painting. Half price would be double what you offer. For one thing every room is a diffrerent color = major hassle transitioning in and out of colors. Secondly, even white on white frequently looks patchy w/o a 2nd coat, especially if walls are dirty or paint is not EXACTLY the same color. Third, any red room always takes at least three coats because dark colors are shot into clear base = ultra low coverage and hide. In other words the coverage of solid red builds up very slowly. Finally, you probably have furniure to move back and forth all over the place and pictures all over the walls.

I always wonder when I hear cheap :censored: like you trying to get grown men with serious trade skills and families to feed ("great painter", he wants, with "references") how much you'd work for. You'd NEVER degrade yourself like that. And good luck finding your punk, because you're asking for a great painter with references, but your pay scale is more in line with a desperate drifter, a wino or a serial killer. You must think very little of painters. But FYI Washingtonian Magazine reports that the average income of a painting contractor in the DC metro area is LARGER than that of the average lawyer. I should know because I've been through Law School (GW) and still found it less enticing to practice law than continue painting.

If you get your tight:censored: wish it will only be because you are trafficking in misery and coining desperation, profiting from the destitution of others and perpetuating it.

Of course you could always go to seven-eleven and pick up some :censored: (illegal) and help attract a social blight to our community in addition to driving low end wages down and increasing crime, etc. But then why should you care. After all, you only think about the savings. People like you would own slaves if it weren't illegal.

For a cheap and selfish :censored: you sure have high expectations. I find that's often the case with your ilk - champagne and caviar taste/Salvation Army bag lunch budget.

Maybe I should just come paint your house for free. Would you let me paint it for free? I'll bet you would. Maybe you'd cook lunch all month and let me sleep in the carport since I could never afford to pay rent in the area if I took so much time making so little money.

I suppose I should have a truck and ladders and all the dropcloths and paintbrushes and buckets and rollers and pay about $100 in gas to drive there every day until I net the other big $700?

You are a bad neighbor. You epitomize the decline of our community. You have no shame. You will never have the class of those in the slums you decree with your penurious self-worship. And you would never want to live in the hellish world run by someone like you on the wrong end of the power spectrum.

My only wish for you is that you either look in the mirror, see the ugly tightwad and undergo some kind of personal transformation into a decent human being or that someone viciously exploits you every day for the rest of your miserable :censored: life until you are so beaten down that you can't help but understand what those who would be desperate enough to work for your sorry (rear end) must be going through.

It's one thing to hope for a bargain, but to present your smug ultimatum, confident that some desperate soul is hungry enough to take the meager bate, then demand grade "A" credentials on top of it all like some dignified but savvy shopper who doesn't want to get ripped off. xxxdamn your eyes, you make me sick! I've noticed it's always the exploiters that are wary of being taken advantage of. In other words you're fearful that someone might try to do to you what you'd be doing to them, what you do to others every chance you get.

Does it make you happy that people are so desperate. Is it good for your personal economy. If you buy labor, I guess it can never be cheap enough, huh? But what if you sell it? How dear is it then?

I curse you with poverty. You will lose your job and become destitute. You will know hunger. You will lose your status in the community. Your own class will no longer recognize you as a peer. You will turn to friends or family, but no one will help in your hour of darkness. Instead, they will offer to let you do a little yard work or fix their broken fence or walk their dog. You'll have to drive across town to do these things though because you can no longer live in the same area as those before whom you grovel for your subsistence. You will want to say no, but you can't afford to. The money you earn will never allow you to save or invest or grow out of your omnipresent peril, but you must have it. Subsistence demands it. You will wonder how all this could have come about, then you will remember me. I curse you with poverty. I sentence you to exploitation by cruel opportunists.
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