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Ladder standoffs?

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Hey guys, do most here use the Werner type 10" ladder standoff? I rarely do exteriors but had checked some local paint stores regarding other sizes (one claims to have a 24" standoff but can't confirm) and 10" seems to be the universal size....

I also saw the ladder max which is a 19" but wasn't too sure about the 'legs'...they look like they could do more damage to siding (cheap masonite down here mostly) than the Werner types...


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Ok, just wanted to make sure there weren't any larger Werner click type standoffs than the 10"...I may pick up that 19" ladder max to try on my own house first...

Thanks buddy

Down here, most painters work out of vans and there's usually only room for one or two guys inside..
They leave the ladder standoffs attached to so the third (usually the newest) guy can have something to grab while riding on top...
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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