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Large Multifamily EIFS building

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Anyone have substantial experience with large (8 story) EIFS buildings. It's impossible to keep a wet edge, texture and dryness/porosity are big issues. Lapping is horrific. Anyone experience the same problem and have good solutions? I have multiple of these to do and getting a quality finish in two coats of regular paint seems impossible.
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Pre-painted or raw? Spraying or rolling? Product?
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raw on current, often times previously painted. Spray some, power-roll some depending on situation. Spray is better... some multifamily and large commercial buildings it's not possible. We've used SuperPaint, Resilience, Sunproof... about to try Loxon XP though that doubles the price (or more...haven't done numbers yet). Thought about going thin mil with Solid color stain... woodscapes, flood pro.... Always flat. Tons of variations.... generally the exact same issue regardless. Not talking about 6000 sf buildings.... small is always easy.... the issue is when painting around windows and long spans on large buildings when you can't run 8 lifts to try to wet edge everything all the way down the building.
I've always sprayed anything stucco and tried to use a dead flat exterior paint. I'm sure a solid stain would also work but would't get as much build. If you're trying to do any brushwork, that will flash for sure because of the texture difference..Try some paint extender, spray around windows and power roll the rest? Or Straight up spray if you can to keep it consistent. Sucks if there is any wind at all though.
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A-100 is the usual spec for that work. It's very flat, all acrylic and fits the bill for budgets.
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