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I've been hearing about laser measurement lately. HD offers to do a countertop template using a laser. If I get the gist of it, the laser records the measurments and download to a computer? Or maybe a cnc?

I also saw Nathan post about using a laser, but not sure if it's just a laser tape measure. To do a counter top template, the wall has to be scribed so I'm thinking it's high tech.

Any enlightenment or search term appreciated.
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I searched ct and didn't find it. Thought I'd start here, but will do the research when I have more motivation.

Maybe I'll ask one of the other trades at ct.

Until then, a compass works.

See the off topic forum for the story.
Thank You RC. I'll contact framerman.
Looks like an expensive piece of equipment.

What it plugs into "back at the shop" must be even more expensive.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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