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lead abatement

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So people talk of government agencies chasing after painting companies for not dealing with lead paint properly. So let's discuss - what exactly entails lead abatement these days? It seems to me that there is absolutely nobody paying extra money for lead abatement. Is it realistic to now approach customers with bids ranging from 20 - 50k for this? When they are use to 6-7k paint jobs?
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OK, here's my bit on lead...

Few years back had an old guy that shuffled by our place on the way to market and post office every other day or so... nice old man.

Mac was out of Oklahoma, went shipboard in the Pacific theatre WWII and was discharged in Frisco after war. Didn't get far.
Found work in Bakersfield oilpatch and stayed til he retired.

Took Mac a loong time to make the trip down out little street...
He drug his feet flat on the ground sliding each step forward.
Not walk heel to toe, lifting toe high and setting heel down as we all do.

That, is but one exhibition of lead poisoning. Sad.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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