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Yikes, I almost didn't bother testing this...

Red = Lead

Whats scary to me is that there was only wood behind these chips except for tiny reminants of something white and the top coat was painted 10 years ago. If i wasn't working for myself and my boss said "ok, start sanding that sucker down", i wouldn't have thought twice about it.

These lead test kits are fast an easy to use, so thats nice. This was the first time i used one so i did it twice and used both of the cylinders. The first time i kinda wasn't sure that it was working.
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You not suppose to dry sand this stuff, thats why there are lead abatement companys that charge so much to remove this stuff. If anyone drives by and sees you and reports you for not doing this the right way you might as will just start packing your bags for a one way trip down south.
See that's one good thing about living in some areas of the states, but you really have to be careful here in Wash, also in the northern states, and Calif.People get on the internet read things and then they start asking questions.
Only if we found out that they were not using it to power there space craft, but for any other reason I would say we call both.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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