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Learning from the past......

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All of us have different backrounds and experiences since staring our businesses no matter how long ago. We would like to think that we have learned from our mistakes of from our experiences but it is not always the case. Since most of us use this site as a learnig tool and respect the advice of our peers, I thought this would be a good question. The question here is, looking back at your positive and negative business experiences, what would you have done differently to effect how your business stands today.
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I alway sunk money into marketing and advertising ...although not always the best forms of both. I wish I could look back and know what jobs to walk away from. I have always had a problem with taking all of the work that has come my way. I think that it is more important to know what jobs not to take than what jobs to go after aggressivley.
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Lets revisit this one. I have had more time to think about it and the mistake I would not make again is to become complacent when we are busy. When we are busy we think it will never end.

The big mistake that I have made in the past, and that alot of people make, is to not do much marketing when they are busy. We are marketing more than ever now.
I am booked solid right through the new year and just signed my largest contract to date last week. I am right now sitting at my "mailer table" labeling mailers for the mail on Monday watching the Godfather on AMC. 1000 per week is my goal until the new year. I just joined a local chapter of BNI last week and have already recieved a couple of leads. Never get complacent.
1000 a week is alot. I'm doing 250 a week right now. How big is your mailing list, and how often do you re-mail to the same people?
I have several tools I use for lists. I get labels sent to me weekly for about 30 towns in my area of all building permits pulled (HO and builder) and I also just finished my 6 month list of the same towns with real estate activity.( sold, expired, new listings, cancelled and under agreement). Plus I have my lists of 6k or so that Ive compiled over the years of high end neighborhoods in those areas as well. I am also working on lists of property managers and commercial properties that would be desirable.

The building permit mailers I hit the same three months in a row. (never know what stage they are in when I get the info). The real estate activity is a one hitter and my compiled list goes out 4 times a year.

One thing I've learned with cards is that it may not work the first, second or third time but maybe the fourth or fifth. Name association and recognition is the key with a strong marketing campaign. The ROI has been low this year but you have to keep at it to make it work.
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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